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This life holds more turns in the road than are able to be predicted. Protecting what's most important - where we create our lives, how we get to our adventures and back home, and the health of the bodies that scale our mountains - this is what makes fearless living possible.

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Do I need to
re-Evaluate my insurance?


Do I have enough insurance? Do I have the right insurance? Have I insured the right things? Am I overpaying? When is the right time to be reevaluating my insurance carriers? 

Answer 7 simple questions to determine what, if any, needs you have in order to protect what's most important to you.



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I will not be moving in the next 3 months
I have my insurance policies bundled.
I work with an independent agent and haven’t always worked with a certain carrier (captive agent).
I am CERTAIN that my home insurance covers water back up, buried utility lines, storage units, parked trailers, HOA damages, replacement cost of my personal property, roof, high valued items.
I am CERTAIN that my car insurance covers windshield, upgrades to my vehicle, damage to my vehicle if I am hit by an uninsured or underinsured driver.
I am CERTAIN that my toy insurance covers all of my personal belongings.
I am CERTAIN that my health insurance covers my Doctor, all prescriptions, and Dental/Vision.



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is the average savings for homeowners who comparison shop their insurance annually 


What does it cover?

Homeowner’s Insurance covers more than the Mortgage loan...

  • It protects your belongings, your guests and can even provide protection if you injure someone unintentionally.

  • There are additional coverages through your homeowner’s insurance that can also provide protection from identity theft, HOA responsibilities, slander and far more.

What types are there?

Categories of Homeowners Insurance :

  • Primary Home

  • Rental Properties

    • This includes short and long term rental properties

  • Condo/Duplex

  • Renters

  • Vacant Land

What do I need to know?

Questions Insurance Experts wish you were asking :

  • If you have an HOA, as a resident you may be responsible to cover updates or damages incurred by the HOA.  Are you clear on what your responsibility is?  

  • Liability insurance is inexpensive and minimal coverage doesn’t protect your home if you lose in a liability suit. Questioning if you have enough - not too much or too little - insurance is the most important question to find the answer to.




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is the percentage of car owners who believe their insurance will pay if a friend gets in an accident in their car.

What does it cover?

Auto Insurance covers more than just an accident...

  • Auto Insurance also covers you and your family when injured by an uninsured/underinsured driver,

  • Offers money to be seen by medical providers if you are in an accident regardless of fault.

  • Covers your vehicle if you are not at fault. 

  • You can add coverages that will replace your windshield, gives an allowance if you are unable to use your vehicle due to an accident.

  • Will even cover custom features that you might add after market that adds value to your vehicle.

What types are there?

Areas of

Auto Insurance :

  • Automobiles 

  • ATVs

  • Motorcycles 

  • RVs

  • Snowmobiles 

  • Boats  

  • Trailers

What do I need to know?

Questions Insurance Experts wish you were asking :

  • Would you cover a stranger more than the family and friends you transport in your vehicle?

  • Look at your Uninsured/Underinsured coverage, what story does it tell?

  • Liability only on older vehicles may seem enough, but would you benefit with a small payout if you weren’t at fault? 

  • There is coverage to give you this with a minimal cost.



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$150-   $350

is the average annual cost of umbrella insurance coverage.


What does it cover?

Umbrella Insurance covers more than you may know...

  • It protects all of your exposures by increasing your liability across all risks

  • Assures that you have less overall liability risk for minimal cost.

What types are there?

Categories of

Umbrella Insurance :

  • Primary Home

  • Rental Properties

    • This includes short and long term rental properties

  • Condo/Duplex

  • Renters

  • Vacant Land

What do I need to know?

Questions Insurance Experts wish you were asking : 

  • Why is an umbrella policy more important if I have children?

  • Why do rental properties make umbrella insurance more important?



Doctor's Visit


of Americans are confident they can define the Top 4 Health Insurance Terms :
Deductible, Coinsurance
Out-of-Pocket Maximum

*Statistic courtesy of Policy Genius, "4 basic health insurance terms 96% of Americans don’t understand"


What does it cover?

Health Insurance covers more than just an individual...

  • It protects your pocketbook. 

  • I have clients that often think I want the cheapest insurance possible.

  • “Cheapest” can be a loaded question.  Factors of Health Insurance to consider are:

  • Who are your “must have” providers?

  • Do you have any procedures scheduled? 

  • What does your budget look like?

  • What prescriptions are you on? 

  • All of these questions are factors in your decision.  There is no one size fits all

What types are there?

Categories of Health Insurance :

  • Medical 

  • Dental 

  • Vision 

  • Indemnity Policies 

  • Cost-Share Plans 

  • Accident 

  • Cancer 

  • Critical Illness  

  • Hospital Insurance

What do I need to know?

Questions Health Insurance Experts wish you were asking :

  • What have your past years’ experience been? 

  • What is your family history?

  • Do you have the savings to cover an unexpected event?



I come from a background 

spanning the spectrum of the insurance world. I knew after working with a large provider that I didn't want to be a captive agent. Working with one insurance provider meant that I had to prioritizing Carrier over Client.  I wanted the FREEDOM to put my Clients first. Being able to correctly match the unique needs of my Client's with the multi-faceted insurance offering available, I found I niche in protecting the most important aspects of my Client's lives in the right way. With Client Centered Insurance, Clients are first, never second, in intent, purpose, and outcome.

Your insurance carrier matters

19 years of experience

Possessing a global understanding of the health insurance marketplace - it's pitfalls, successes, and navigational imperitives.

Free virtual consultations

It's hard to know the road forward and which choices matter. Having a conversation is the easiest way to start answering your questions.

unrivaled customer service

This is not a transaction, it is a pathway. We don't know what we don't know and the lives of my Clients move in a protected direction when I'm able to speak into their decisions with my experience.

independent vs. captive brokers

Independent brokers have the ability to resource a full spectrum of policies and carriers to find the coverage that best protects what is most important to you.

Satisfied Customers

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Tracie's focus on her customers is superb. She researched many coverages that would fit my current situation in life as well as being upfront with rates reflecting those coverages. Tracie is so knowledgeable in her field and has been terrific with assisting me in my insurance needs, especially with life changes and transitions.

Elizabeth Neu

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Tracie has been my agent for many years. Her dedication and knowledge has helped me greatly,. From my first policy covering my old beat up car to my current policy covering my new car. I would recommend her services to anyone who would listen. If you are looking to save money and find the most comprehensive coverage. you won't do better than Tracie Romero. 

Scott Goldman

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I cannot recommend Tracie enough. We use her for all of our insurance policies. She truly cares about her clients. My husband has many years of experience in the insurance industry and Tracie spends countless hours to ensure that all of our policies meet his exhaustive requirements.

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